ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 Person Tent Review

ALPS Mountaineering endeavored to create the best possible value for your outdoor needs. The company encourages active lifestyles and provides high-quality products at affordable prices. They have more than 25 years of experience creating a product for avid outdoorsmen.

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 Person Tent Review

You are no stranger to wilderness life; in fact, backpacking is one of your favorite hobbies. You spend all your vacations and much of your free time trekking across new trails. Whether it’s the forest, a lakeside, or an alpine trail, you are ready!

You have mastered the art of lightweight backpacking and know how to maximize your storage space. Now, it’s time to go from solo trek to a shared experience. This time, you’re bringing someone with you, and this person may not be as excited about hammock sleeping or cramped quarters as you.

We have taken the time to research some great options for backpackers who need a new tent. The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Four-Person Tent is a bestseller that has even won the Classic Pick award from Backpackers.com, so we decided to give it a try.

  • Freestanding construction
  • Sturdy
  • UV-coated
  • Lightweight
  • The ventilation could be a tad better

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Four-Person Tent – Buyers Guide

Who is this product for?

This tent has been designed for backpackers in mind. It can be clipped to the outside of a pack to save room inside and weighs significantly less than comparable products on the market.

If you’re a minimalist backpacker, this may not be your perfect tent. There are smaller options on the market for minimalism. This was created as an option for backpackers who want to keep their gear light without compromising on comfort and space. If you enjoy backpacking but also like a little room to spread out at night, this would be an extremely spacious option.

If you’re not a solo backpacker, this is a fantastic option. It weighs very little compared to other multi-person tents on the market while still offering enough space to comfortably sleep two people who like to stretch out or four people who don’t mind getting cozy at night. One tent can sleep your entire small group, leaving space in everyone else’s packs for additional necessities like water and food.

What’s included?

The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Four-Person Tent box includes the dome tent with poles and pole clips. It also includes a rain fly, as well.

Guy ropes are also included. If you’ve never used them before, let the manufacturer teach you about this extra security measure. A lot of experienced backpackers like trading guy lines for paracord, but paracord is not included in the box.

Overview of features

This tent comes with two doors and two vestibules for easy entry and exit and plenty of space to stash your gear. It includes storage pockets and a gear loft to keep everything organized.

The tent is waterproofed, while the fly buckles, rain fly, seams, and floor have all been coated to seal out the rain and wet weather. After rigorous rain testing, we can confirm that this holds up well against the weather.

The walls are half mesh, so ventilation during hot summers will never be an issue. After all, you want a tent, not a sauna.

The base is 7’6 by 8’6 with a 52’’ center height. The vestibules are 35’’ deep and the total area is 64 square feet. The tent weighs in at only eight pounds and packs down to 6’’ by 23’’ to make it easy for backpackers.

How to use

Upon opening the instruction booklet, we realized that it might as well be the Swedish instructions from IKEA without the helpful diagrams. That’s what makes us so grateful that ALPS has created a video tutorial for setting up their two-pole dome tents, like the Lynx model.

We all know the struggle with fitting large items back into small cases, right? Packing a tent can often be much more frustrating and time-consuming than setting it up, and we are often rushing to get back on the road and home in time. ALPS has created a great how-to video that shows the ideal way to fold their tents and fit them back into packs.


If you don’t need the vestibules and don’t care as much about weight, but you want a little more than 4’4″ in the center height, then consider the ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 4 model. It adds three pounds and eliminates the vestibule storage space but gives you almost an extra half-foot of height.

A nice middle option that preserves the dimensions and vestibules while adding a little more weight is the Taurus 4. This ALPS model is another one of their best sellers.


The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Four-Person Tent is a fantastic option for backpackers who don’t mind close sleeping quarters and like to split their gear carrying duties together. It is several pounds lighter than other options with the same dimensions and can accommodate several people while still taking up minimal space in a pack. It is sealed to withstand weather and includes a gear loft that can keep things organized and accommodate hanging lights.

In a hurry? This is our Winner!

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent

  • Polyester tent fly resists water and UV damage while adding two vestibules for extra storage space
  • Fully equipped with #8 zippers, storage pockets, gear loft, stakes, guy ropes and two doorways
  • There’s no assembly frustration with our Lynx Tent series