Best Automatic Fly Reels – Top 5 Reviewed

The angling reel is one of the most significant components of the angling gear. If you don’t have it, you wouldn’t be able to bring in the fish that took your lure.

Also, when the reel isn’t of great quality, it might glitch during the process resulting in a loss of your catch. This is the reason why it’s extremely significant to purchase the most ideal angling.

Presently, most customary angling reels are manual, implying that you would do the reel on your own. Yet, there are new and driven angling reels available that are automatic. Automatic fly reels are spring-driven.

This spring is looped when the line is drawn out and recouped by squeezing a trigger. The spring is discharged by a handle present on the fly reel. It implies that the reel will automatically accomplish reeling by itself.

In a hurry? This is our Winner!

Our Top Pick
In a hurry? This is our Winner!
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Pflueger Automatic Fly Reel

  • Famous for our innovations and dependability
  • World’s leading rod and reel manufacturers
  • Made using the highest quality components

What’s more, to assist you with this, we have brought a rundown on the best automatic fly angling reels available. Look at them below to decide your top choice.

Let’s find out!

Best Automatic Fly Reels – Comparison Table

Image Product Technical Spec Price

Pflueger Automatic Fly Reel

Pflueger Automatic Fly Reel
  • Brand: Pflueger
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 0.7 Pounds
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Okuma SLV- 5/6 Diecast Aluminum Fly Reel

Okuma SLV- 5/6 Diecast Aluminum Fly Reel
  • Brand: OKUMA
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
  • Color: Light Silver
  • Fishing Line Type: Fly
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Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel

Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel
  • Brand: Piscifun
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
  • Color: Fly Reel Back
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
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Martin Fly Fishing Narrow Automatic Fly Fishing Reel

Martin Fly Fishing Narrow Automatic Fly Fishing Reel
  • Brand: Martin Fly Fishing
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: white
  • Weight: 10.5 oz
  • Assembled Dimensions (L x W x H): 4.75 x 4.25 x 2.50 Inches
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Fiblink Saltwater Fly Fishing Reel

Fiblink Saltwater Fly Fishing Reel
  • Brand: Fiblink
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
  • Color: Orange
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
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Best Automatic Fly Reels – Reviews

1. OUR TOP PICK: Pflueger Automatic Fly Reel

Pflueger is well known for planning its fly reel in a way to show what an ideal fly reel ought to be. It is an overall well-built reel.

Its casing and spool are produced of aluminum alloy which guarantees a lifetime of serious angling without you much taking care of it. This is a compact reel that works incredibly for fly angling in little streams and ranch lake.

Its mainspring, line monitor and foot are made of stainless steel. Also, the fold down trigger and mainspring discharge features allow its simple and helpful stockpiling.

It is a superior quality fly reel available for a reasonable price.  It is a great reel with a good life span and protection from rust, wear and tear.

  • Free transportation is a great advantage
  • It comes with various weights and advanced highlights
  • It is compact, stylish and light in weight
  • It is profoundly sturdy and long lasting
  • The reel needs ventilation
  • It may be hard to dismantle

This Pflueger programmed reel includes a completely secured design that shields the internal parts from harm.

With unquestionable quality and a cost that is sensible and close enough for a normal fisher to afford, this automatic fly reel is a decent alternative. Moreover, the producer guarantees free shipments to the buyers.

2. EDITORS CHOICE: Martin Automatic Series Fly Fishing Reels

It is an automatic fly reel with narrow 8-bx3 and made of the best material. This is a great reel with amazing features. Its ratchet is receptive and spring laden folding spools provide quick action.

Moreover it’s equipped with a pawl brake mechanism that does not require adjusting. It is quick with no-apparatus takedown and sports an in-built clicker.

The reel’s design is incredible with 2 shadings.

  • Its spring laden folding spool works amazing
  • It provides quick and productive casting
  • The reel comes at a reasonable price
  • It is lightweight and built of quality material
  • It is reliable and simple to utilize
  • Some anglers may find the reel hard to assemble
  • Its level is longer
  • It may not be as sturdy as shown

It comes boxed and sports a drum medallion. If you aren’t accustomed to using a long lever, you may need a bit of practice if you are going to purchase this reel.

This reel is for you in case you are in search of a self-loading line. Also, Martin does not ship this reel internationally as of now, it is available for purchase only in the U.S.

3. BEST VALUE: Okuma SLV Diecast Aluminum Fly Angling Reel

The Okuma Diecast Aluminum Reel guarantees proficient quality fly-angling with reasonableness and ease.

It is durable and long lasting because of the strong cast aluminum outline and stainless steel washers. It guarantees no sharp brambles or edges, so there won’t be any grazes, scrapes, and mishaps.

This fly reel makes up in usefulness for its appearance. There are non-slip positive hold elastic handles for comfort and a solid grasp during angling.

The Okuma SLV Diecast Aluminum Fly Reel offers perfect reeling. It reels easily and changes perceptibly when balanced.

It sports a roller bearing and limits the drag to engage in a solitary way. With the single direction bearing plan, changing from left hand to right is convenient.

There are multi-plate stopper and washer bearing drag framework that is customizable to coordinate your preferences.

  • This reel comes in different sizes and types
  • It is versatile and lightweight
  • There are spare pools in case replacement is required
  • It can work with an assortment of spools
  • This reel may get curved if dropped
  • It may expose anglers to synthetic concoctions

Additionally, a precision machined framework and spool shaft take into consideration smooth drawing of the line to give the best outcomes.

It is a straightforward essential fly reel with a modest and helpful structure. It is basic and pocket-accommodating that performs like the top of the line reels that are costly. This is definitely worth investing in.

4. RUNNER UP: Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing  Reel

Up until now, you must have known that utilizing a broken fly reel is very irritating. You may even need to postpone your angling undertaking if you do not own a good one.

Regardless of whether you are new to the angling world or a pro, this fly reel would make you intrigue. It is a reliable piece that merits your attention wherever you go fly-angling.

This tough fly angling reel is here for your rescue. To guarantee a basic and direct recovery process and simple change from the left to the correct hand, the mid-arbor structure is utilized.

It is produced using strong Aluminum alloy with a tempered development to make it solid and inflexible to withstand thorough use for a very long time.

Furthermore, it has a hard-anodized built that shields it from erosion and wears as well as gives it a shimmering appearance. It is durable and designed for longevity.

It is lightweight and would not put a strain on you. It has an exceptional look.

  • It has a 30-day money-back warranty
  • This reel comes in various sizes
  • It is simple to clean
  • You may choose from numerous shading alternatives
  • Some anglers may find it inadequate for first running fish
  • It may expose you to synthetic compounds

It is one of the top fly angling reels. The CNC machine makes it lightweight but intense. The hollow structure additionally permits free flow of air and forestalls warming of the reel under the blistering sun.

The reel has smooth quick drag commitment made with multi-disc plug, single direction grip bearing and stainless steel framework.

At an effectively feasible value, the reel is on par with its capacities and provides genuine value.

5. RUNNER UP: Fiblink Aluminum Saltwater Fly Fishing Reels

This Fiblink Fly Fishing Reel is a smooth looking piece that guarantees faultless working for a long time. It is extremely lightweight owing to aluminum development.

The strong metallic development is supplemented with a versatile finish. This makes the reel resistant to corrosion, dampness, fragment, wear and guarantees longevity.

Its huge arbor implies quicker activity, expanded recovery rates, and predictable hauls. It looks attractive and is easy to understand.

It is the ideal gear for fishermen hoping to alter their reels and fundamentally improve their angling style. The reel offers smooth performance and includes a cutting-edge fiber composite drag framework.

It guarantees adequate control to extend the framework to its brandishing limit. Likewise, the spool is ventilated for air circulation and forestalls warming up during angling under the burning sun.

  • A drawstring pack is free with the purchase
  • The reel also has an extra shading choice
  • It is lightweight and comfortable to use
  • It is available in multiple sizes
  • The reel requires lubing prior to use
  • It is hard to dismantle

Also, it offers a single direction bearing to help in quick left-to-right hand recovery switch. It is a great deal to buy. This degree of value and usefulness is available at an affordable price.

It is a superb alternative with efficient structure and ability.

Best Automatic Fly Reels Buying Guide

Best Automatic Fly Reels

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing An Automatic Fly Reel


The size of the reel demonstrates the size of the line that reel is able to hold. The two major circles on the angling reel are called spools that decide the general size and line limit of your reel.

You should additionally keep in mind the size of the arbor. It is an inward round center point around which the reel turns.

On the off chance that you like angling little fish and lightweight arrangements, choose a small arbor. Bigger arbors are perfect for cutting edge fishermen who catch huge fish in vast waters and salt waters.

This occurs as a result of the better-halting force, insignificant wrinkling and quicker line recovery in the angling line. Huge arbors will be immense and increasingly unwieldy to use.


The heaviness of the reel determines the easy and comfort of angling. You should search for a fly reel whose weight coordinates your pole and line weight so as to adjust your pole pleasantly.

Your hands won’t feel exhausted much following a difficult day of angling when you use a lightweight reel. So, make sure you check the specialized detail on the item page and contrast it with the fly bar you own to stay away from any errors.

Fly reels with limited capacity are most appropriate for beginners and catching little fish. Anglers who like vast waters and saltwater fishing would require fly reels with higher ability to suit the long-running catch.

Greater limit implies a more drawn out line and makes the reel ideal for enormous waters. But, a fly reel with great limits is by all accounts heavier and increasingly tedious to carry and use.

Drag Framework

The kind of drag framework decides the number and size of fish you are able to catch. It is liable for the obstruction of the spool and keeps your line from stripping in case the fish catches the line.

You may go for click-drag frameworks that are less expensive yet viable in case you are a beginner or a learned angler on a tight spending plan. They are lighter than disc drag frameworks, therefore ideal for beginners.

Also, they are customary and might not be as tough as a framework that is advanced.

Disc drag frameworks are generally best in class and give better halting and slowing down force, smooth performance, and are more dependable to catch bigger fish than click-and-pawl drag frameworks. They are generally made of carbon fiber, cork, titanium, etc.


The drag framework ought to be strong and intense in order to apply pressure and keep huge fish from fleeing.

The sturdiness of the reel is directed via the material utilized and the construction of the reel. It should be covered and anodized or have other metal finish.

This shields the gear from erosion, corrosion, wear, and fragment. Metallic fly reels are more enduring than graphite ones.


Reels that include a fiber composite drag framework provide adequate control to extend the framework to its limit. Also, the completely secured structure will shield the internal parts from harm. The fly reel you choose should include a ventilated structure in the event that you expect to angle on hot days.

They have spools with gaps that permit free dissemination of air and forestall warming. This secures the line and makes the reel increasingly light in weight. Moreover, if appearance matters to you, then go for reels that have a pleasant flawless finishing and appealing built.


There are numerous strong, affordable and best automatic fly angling reels available in the market. We have done substantial exploration, perused heaps of surveys and interminable item postings in order to ensure best reviews for you.

This rundown demonstrates it however, the choice is up to you and your angling techniques.These reels can improve your angling experience for sure and bring in fish without you doing any work at all.

You may simply go angling to test out these fly angling reels that we have suggested. Your fishing trips will turn so much more pleasurable now. We trust you delighted in reading these models and hope this article may assist you with investing in the Best Fly Angling Reel.

Happy Shopping!

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Pflueger Automatic Fly Reel

  • Famous for our innovations and dependability
  • World’s leading rod and reel manufacturers
  • Made using the highest quality components