Best Largemouth Bass Lures 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

There is no point in arguing that getting the best largemouth bass lures can be intimidating at times.

In fact, there is a plethora of lures to choose from, which makes the entire selection process too hard to begin with.

Neither less to say, even if you are already accustomed to bass fish, the next question might arise, whether you are using the right gear or not.

Best Largemouth Bass Lures

In fact, the sole idea behind this article is to make all the beginners and bass fishing enthusiasts aware of the best lures that the market has to offer.

With our recommended top ten big bass lures, you can always find recommendations based on your preference.

So, what are you waiting for? Just get the gears that work best for you, and get started with fishing.


TRUSCEND Fishing Lures for Bass Trout 5.4' Multi Jointed Swimbaits Slow Sinking Bionic Swimming Lures Bass Freshwater Saltwater Bass Fishing Lures Kit Lifelike (Combo-H)

This variant of bionic bait lures is a unique 3D looking model that indeed looks and moves like alive. The multi-jointed flexible body provides the ultimate experience while you go fishing.

Without being said, this model of bass lures can be well-regarded to be one of the best largemouth bass lures available in the market.

The lure is made up of two sharp treble hooks that have rust-proof ergonomic features. The hooks offer high durability and flexibility, considering the lively simulation that the hooks show.

This model of lures is ideal for freshwater as well as saltwater fishing.

The key feature of Truscend lures is their capability to largely target fishes including bass, pike, muskie, roach, and other similar species of fish.

This is primarily because of their 3D eyes that look like alive fish. This variant of lures makes it perfect for newbies as well as experienced anglers.


  • Reusable and environment-friendly swimbait
  • Accurate replication of patterns and typical hues and tints of actual baitfish
  • Constructed with a tough ABS plastic body
  • Strong support offered by durable mesh-woven fabric


  • Works better in shallow waters, but not that good in deep water bodies


Rose Kuli Fishing Lures for Bass Life-Like Trout Swimbait Hard Crank Bait Rainbow

These high-simulation lures consist of realistic eyes coupled with a pearl-powder coated body. This simply makes it look like a real 3D fish.

The body pieces of the fish are connected with textile fabrics. This, in turn, helps to perform life-like swimming actions and catch the prey easily.

The unique design feature of these big bass lures is the bass vibration ball. Following this technique, this model of lure increases throwing distance, consecutively emitting bass sound waves.

These sound waves can attract fishes quite easily.

Similarly, the multi-jointed body helps in delivering a natural S-shaped swimming action. The cuts between the body of the fish help it to bend and make movements side by side.

This also gives the wiggling effect like that of a real fish. The sharp 2-sided treble hook lets you catch fishes easily during fishing and prevents the fleeing of the fish.

The large tongue design of the lure allows it to dive only when the fisherman pulls out the rod.

This is helpful for beginners to a large extent. It meets fishing requirements in almost all kinds of water bodies, including freshwater and saltwater. Fishes like muskie, largemouth, smallmouth, pike, bass, and walleyes can easily be targeted with it.


  • Comes with 3 pieces of lures
  • 18 months after-sales servicing
  • Streamline design for reducing wind resistance while throwing
  • Best for outdoor angler enthusiasts


  • Takes a bit of practice for amateurs to master the crank speed


Arbogast G730-01 Hula Popper Top Water Popper, 1 1/4, 3/16 oz White Red Head, Floating

The Hula Popper is one of the most productive bass baits of all time. The concave mouth creates popping sounds along with some bubble trails, which helps in attracting your prey.

On the other hand, the hula skirt is a distinct feature of this lure.

The Hula Popper by Arbogast can be jerked, popped, or plunked, and if required, twitched as well, which offers a lot of flexibility in terms of fishing according to your skill level.

A few upgrades of this model, in comparison with other lures in this price range, include the deeply cupped mouth that can create a classic popping sound, loud enough to attract fish within a certain distance.

It is covered in an HD paint job and specially fitted with the feathered treble. This is thereby different from the traditional lures with a skirting material.

This can be regarded as the best big bass lures and a must-have for every angler willing to upgrade his/her fishing skills.


  • An absolute all-time favorite for big bass
  • Seductive skirt
  • Creates a natural profile that no bass can resist
  • Upgraded hook for durability and strength
  • An assortment of highly realistic colors


  • The mechanism that holds the hook in place is a bit weak


Rapala Shad Rap 05 Live Largemouth Bass Lure, Multi, One Size (SR05LBL)

This model of bass lure casts like a bullet and can work at various depths due to its efficient design.

Specially designed to work from ultra-slow to much faster speeds, it can surely be regarded as the best lure for large mouth bass, considering its modern ergonomic design. 

The patterns like bleeding gills and lip create the ultimate lively fish-like look.

The largemouth bass lure can kick almost 180 degrees with negligible forward speed. It stays in the main strike zone due to the fixed-weighted system.

The sharp spin coupled with the slackline gives this model its distinct features.

These fishing lures are manufactured with meticulous precision. They have been crafted to swim swiftly and assist the angler to be a better fisherman.


  • Speed can be easily controlled unlike other models of lures
  • Offers efficient targeting of fish


  • The color options could be more for different requirements


TRUSCEND Topwater Fishing Lures for Bass, Multi Jointed Swimbait, Lifelike Sunfish/Duck/Mouse Swimmer for Trout Perch Pike Crappie Walleye,Fishing Gifts for Men

The segmented fishing lures are designed with six different body segments. The classic S-shaped swim-baits helps in giving a life-like appearance to the bass lures.

This innovative model of fishing lures mimics the movements of real fish to a large extent. Regardless of the fish being in shallow or deep waters, the fish is prone to get attracted by these lures and thereby getting caught.

The main material used for the construction of Truscend lures is the ABS plastic body. This ensures longer durability and strength, thereby increasing the life of the product.

Most importantly, the separate sections of the lure are tear-resistant and cannot get punctured. Then too, these bass lures can effectively create the actions and movements of a real fish.


  • Strong and long-lasting mesh woven fabric used
  • Premium components like stainless steel rings and pointed sharp treble hooks incorporated
  • Reinforces maximum strength and flexible movements


  • Needs a bit of practice to get a hang of using these type of lures


BiCO Original Jig - Lead Free Bass Jigs (Black & Blue)

The lures of BiCO are super-versatile and lead-free. They are ideal for skipping or jerking or fishing as a swim jig.

They are equipped with 5 owner hooks with the hooks being extremely sharp and pointy. These unique weedless lures with durable and realistic paint finish are a must-try for beginner anglers.

Among the best largemouth bass lures for beginners, these lures from BiCO own a place. The secure hooksets with jigs that can be used either as flipping jigs or as swim jigs are the main characteristic feature of this brand.

The head tapers in towards the eyelet and gives it a pointed nose. This, in turn, helps the lure to slide in smoothly through all types of weeds.

Additionally, the lures are equipped with longer weed guards than most of the other bass jigs available in the market.


  • Excellent jig head design
  • Flat bottom to allow the skirted jigs to stand up on the bottom
  • Durable paint finish


  • Can be slightly expensive for beginners


Strike King Lures KVD Finesse Spinnerbait Lure, Freshwater, 3/8 oz, Tennessee Shad, Package of 1

The Spinnerbait features the small perfect skirt with a magic tail in most of the neutral, realistic shades. They are made from some of the best components available in the market.

Although they are not lead-free, they can be among the best lures for spawning largemouth bass, considering the all-around spinnerbait, the ball bearing swivel, and the wonderfully crafted painted head.

This all-round perfect spinner bait has multi-functionality features which help it in running straight.

The smaller profile and redesigned realistic look help in generating many more strikes for beginners. Along with these, it also includes an official KVD insignia.

The KVD Spinnerbait lures are great for bass fishing operations, specifically due to their two-blade configuration.

They are available in a wide range of vivid styles, sizes, and colors of plastics, which help you make the best choice for yourself. Fishes like trout, crappie, walleye, and bass get particularly attracted to these.


  • Outstanding finish
  • Perfect skirt and a realistic look
  • Lighter wire for less aggressive fish


  • Can be little pricy for some


Bass Spinnerbait,6 Pcs Fishing Lures Spinner Baits,Fishing Hard Spinner Lures, Bass Trout Salmon Hard Metal Spinnerbait by Free Fisher

This spinnerbait weighs around 17.5 grams and has been specifically designed for fishes like salmon, bass, Northern pike, and trout.

It comes with high steel razor pointed treble hooks and can be counted as one of the best largemouth bass lures.

These lures can be very effective for experienced anglers. Fishing in a slow, lift and drop manner works best while working around with these spinnerbaits.

The package includes 6 pieces of spinnerbaits in vivid neutral as well as bright assorted colors, thereby giving a realistic look.

The life-like swimming actions of these lures are irresistible for big fishes like bass.


  • “In-line spinner” as well as “Tail spinner” available
  • Main body manufactured of machined brass
  • Silver-plated steel stamped blades
  • Light-weighted
  • Spins wildly when cast on the water


  • No hook protection package, therefore, hooks have to be handled carefully


TRUSCEND Fishing Lures for Bass Trout 5.4' Multi Jointed Swimbaits Slow Sinking Bionic Swimming Lures Bass Freshwater Saltwater Bass Fishing Lures Kit Lifelike (Combo-H)

The main features of Truscend fishing lures are the life-like swimming action, high-resolution body detail, and treble Mustad hooks.

They have a length of 14 cm and weigh 26 grams, which makes them ideal for targeting fishes like perch, roach, trout, and bass.

They can swim up to a depth of 6 to 8 feet and are very convenient for amateurs as well as experienced anglers, who are willing to experiment and explore.

The main material used for the designing is hard ABS plastic as well as steel wire for the 3D eyes and hooks. It can be interesting to note that these lures are multi-jointed.

These variants of multi-jointed slow-sinking lures can be some of the best accessories in your fishing box. Being suitable for seawater as well as freshwater gives the enthusiastic anglers an additional advantage.

The material that holds the segmented parts together is heavy, braided nylon band, which enhances its strength and durability.

The soft series is great for shallow water and offers considerable flexibility. On the other hand, the hard series will be more durable for use for seawaters.


  • Works well even in stationary or slow waters
  • Affordable pricing in comparison to its high quality
  • Sturdy hooks and realistic hues and shades


  • Better packaging could have been offered


BOOYAH Super Shad - Purple Glimmer Shad

This model is primarily a small baitfish, also known as baby stripers. These lade-bait lures are more convenient for fishing in shallow waters than in oceans.

However, the willow blades help in deeper dive, especially in shallower waters. These fishing lures can be very handy to use in the right conditions.

The spinnerbait is of superior quality. This makes it one of the best bass lures for ponds and other shallower water bodies.

For many beginners as well as professional anglers, the best option for a spinnerbait is throwing a Booyah.

The tough flex wire comes back into its shape after landing onto the water. Simultaneously, it also produces more vibrations than other cheap and inferior baits.


  • Great price for the quality it offers
  • Capable of running at high retrieve speeds
  • Excellent flash


  • Doesn’t run through vegetation very well

Best Largemouth Bass Lures Buying Guide

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Largemouth Bass Lures

You will be surprised to know there are so many varieties and options to choose from when it comes to choosing the best big bass lures. Every single year, companies are coming up with new lure designs, while people are spending a ton of cash for them.

Largemouth, in particular, has received a distinctive focus among fishers, leading to the advanced development of all sorts of fishing gears.

But, under the hood, as a bass enthusiast, it all comes down to the value you get out of your lure. That being said, down below is a list of some of the factors that are worth considering while getting your largemouth bass lure:


Price is, by far, one of the most crucial factors to consider while getting a lure. After all, you should never break your bank to get the latest and greatest lure that the market has to offer. In fact, the list of lures mentioned-above are all moderately priced, so that you don’t have a hard time buying one.

Skill Level

This is more applicable for the professionals who are quite accustomed to bass fishing. An angler who knows their way around the lure should always be able to catch a fish with ease.

On the contrary, if you are not an amateur and just trying your hands on lures, you could have all the high-end equipment and still won’t able to catch a single fish. So, the lure that you choose largely depends on your skill level.

Type Of Bass Lure

Different types of bass lures work in different ways. While some species of fishes are attracted to a certain type of lures, the same might not work with other species. And most importantly, it is particularly specific for those who are at the beginner’s level.

Top Reasons To Buy The Best

There are several circumstances in which the thought of why even bother getting a bass lure might come across your mind. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider getting the top-quality largemouth bass lure:

  • Its appearance like the shape of other animals makes the fish become comfortable around the lure
  • It makes the entire catching process less messy than bait
  • It decreases the chances of gut hook
  • Species specific target for better precision

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Different Types Of Bass Lures Matter?

To a certain extent, the difference between different bass lures matters. In fact, even if you ask professional anglers about their favourite lures, you might actually end up with completely different answers.

It all comes down to your personal preference, and the lure you are most comfortable using.

Some other aspects to consider while getting a lure is the type of bass you are about to catch and how the lure actually interacts with water. For example, crankbait lures are the best if you are looking for something underwater.

On the contrary, topwater lures work great for imitating animals that are on the surface, such as a frog. The peculiar motion of spinnerbaits is also great for attracting fishes.

Are These Lures Durable?

Again, it depends on the type of lure that you are currently using. The material of the lure hugely affects the ways it acts within the water. Although there is a majority of bass lures out there, most of them are made to be long-lasting.

Just bear in mind that you should buy a lure from a reputed source only, like the ones mentioned within this article, so that you get the best quality around. Getting a durable lure ensures that you don’t miss out on potential targets.

Is There A Need To Get Special Largemouth Bass Fishing Lure?

Lures, in general, are great to attract bass, but finding the right product is always hard to come up with. All fishes in general just like largemouth, and they are attracted to certain objects. That’s why it is very important to understand their nature before you resort to buying one.

For instance, if you are using a lure that is not cut out for largemouth bass, you can drastically reduce your chance of catching them. It is also yet another reason why you will find professional bass fishermen to carry multiple lures of different varieties.

Is There Any Way To Reuse A Bass Lure?

When it comes to reusability, it all comes down to the type of lure you choose. While the majority of the lures can be easily reused over time, some of them are just not cut out for the job.

If you are using hard bait, chances are that they are going to last for a longer duration of time. On the other hand, soft plastic lures can easily get damaged even by a single fish bite.

Importance Of Best Largemouth Bass Lures For Ultimate Fishing Experience

With all the plethora of options to choose from, it can surely get confusing at times. But that also means you have a pretty good chance of getting thing right too. 

That is why it has become very easy to get the best largemouth bass lures with the help of this guide, so that your lure works as intended.

Just bear in mind that your lure would be the cherry on top of your fishing equipment. So, if anything goes wrong, make sure that you have a backup lure for that matter. Such versatility of lure is what brings forth the beauty of bass fishing.

So, always seek for the best quality with your preferred type while buying a lure. Once you get everything right, you are always good to go.