Best Youth Recurve Bow – Kids Bow Set Reviews 2022

The aim of this article is to help you find the best youth recurve bow for your child, whether its their first bow or an upgrade. There are a number of things you need to consider before buying one, this guide will hopefully help you learn what to look at and what to avoid.

There are some excellent Youth bow and arrow sets, these provide everything needed to get your children into archery. They will include the bow, a couple of arrows, target face and potentially other accessories such as arm guards.

You might want to invest in some additional arrows at a later date, so your child doesn’t have to keep going to the collect the two. They do however have enough so they can get shooting straight away.

To help in your search, below you will find an overview of the best youth recurve bows. This will hopefully help you find a suitable bow for your child.

In a hurry? This is our Winner!

Our Top Pick
In a hurry? This is our Winner!
9.4/10 Our Score

Bear Archery 1st Shot Bow Set

  • Set includes finger rollers, armguard, and arrow quiver
  • Features 8-12 lb. draw weight and 14- to 16-inch draw length range
  • 36-inch long ambidextrous bow features durable composite limbs

Best Youth Recurve Bow – Comparison Table

Image Product Technical Spec Price
Our Top Pick

Bear Archery 1st Shot Bow Set

Bear Archery 1st Shot Bow Set
  • Draw Weight (lbs.): 10lbs.
  • Dexterity: Ambidextrous
  • Color: Green
  • Draw Length (in.): 20in.
  • Archery Type: Target
  • Suitable For: Youth
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Bear Archery Flash Youth Bow – Red Bear Archery Flash Youth Bow – Red
  • Brand: Bear Archery
  • Manufacturer: Bear
  • Assembled Product Weight: 2.19 lbs
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 3.50 x 47.00 x 8.30 Inches
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Southland Archery Supply SAS Spirit Jr 54 Southland Archery Supply SAS Spirit Jr 54″ Beginner Youth Bow Set – Right Hand
  • Draw Weight: 16-22 LBs
  • Length: 54 in Package
  • Color: Black or White
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PSE Archery Razorback Junior Traditional Takedown Recurve Recreational Shooting Bow, Left, 54 PSE Archery Razorback Junior Traditional Takedown Recurve Recreational Shooting Bow, Left, 54″- 15
  • Length: 54″
  • Brace height: 6-1/2″ to 7″
  • Draw Weight: 20 lbs
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Best Youth Recurve Bow – Reviews

1. Our Top Pick: Bear Archery 1st Shot Bow Set

The 1st Shot Bow Set from Bear Archery is perfect for young archers, ideal for ages 4-7. This complete set will give your little ones everything they need to get started, a bow that offers a comfortable draw length, 2 safety glass arrows, targets, arm guard and a quiver.

The bow is simplistic in design, has an ambidextrous design, perfect for target shooting beginner archer to practice shooting skills. A nice touch is the finger rollers, making it easier and more comfortable to draw the bowstring back. Probably one of the best things about this bow and arrow set is the price, probably one of the lowest sets available.

  • Draw Weights: 8-12 lbs
  • Handed: Left & Right
  • Length: 36″
  • Limbs: Durable Composite Limbs
  • Very Affordable
  • Great For Very Young Archers
  • Great quality arrows
  • Ambidextrous
  • May want additional Arrows
  • Not suitable for 8+

2. Bear Archery Flash

This youth bow is perfect for those that are 11 years or older, made by well-known manufacturer Bear Archery. The bow is incredibly safe as it features a whisker biscuit arrow rest, which completely covers the arrow.

Ideal whether your child is left or right handed, and also comes with a great range of draw weights to allow them to progress. The bow and arrow kit is great value, however, the main downfall is that the kit does only come with 2 safety arrows.

  • Draw Weights: 5-18 lbs
  • Handed: Left & Right
  • Length: 47″
  • Great Value
  • Wide Range of Draw Weights
  • Ambidextrous
  • Well-Known Manufacturer
  • Very Safe
  • Finger Rollers
  • Solid Bow That Will Last For Years
  • Only Comes With 2 Arrows
  • Only Suitable For Those 11+

3. Kaimei 48” Takedown Recurve Youth Bow

The Kaimei with a simple design is a great bow for young archers that are getting into archery. I love the fact that it allows you to adjust draw weights, and has an ambidextrous riser design for a wide range of practice areas. Looking at past reviews and based on the lowest draw weight, it’s a bow for beginners and suitable for those that are 8+ with a comfortable grip, bow stringer, and an included finger tab.

The recurve bow kit comes with the bow, 2 paper targets and 8 fiberglass arrows for a suitable draw with the wooden riser. I like the kit in this high quality bow because of its compact size with meal bow limbs that extend the lifespan. Many do only provide 2 arrows but these have a decent amount while having a decent 17 pounds of draw weight for beginner youth. The bow is also very good quality and will help to give a good introduction to archery.

  • Draw Weights: 13-17 lbs
  • Handed: Left & Right
  • Length: 48″
  • Limbs: Removeable For Transport
  • Low Cost
  • Kit Comes With Plenty of Arrows
  • 3 Adjustable Draw Weights
  • Good Solid Bow That Will Last Many Years
  • Ambidextrous
  • Arrows Shoot Through The Middle, Instead of on an arrow rest
  • Paper Targets Will Be Used Quickly

4. PSE Razorback Jr Youth Recurve Bow

PSE Razorback is not just a youth bow but is also ideal for adults that want a lighter draw weight. Since it is 20lbs, it’s going to be more suitable for teens than young children. The riser itself is able to accept accessories. It’s not a bow for hunting, but a decent bow for beginners with an average size bow string who are practicing for a good arrow travel of 15 to 20 yards.

In order to act as an introduction to archery, this bow features takedown limbs. The build quality is also second to none, with the limbs made from a wood laminate. This model is the left-handed version, however, there is also a right-handed option available.

  • Draw Weights: 20 lbs
  • Handed: Left & Right
  • Length: 54″
  • Limbs: Takedown
  • Great Bow For Youths & Smaller Framed Archers
  • Easily To Takedown
  • Ability To Use Additional Accessories
  • The Design Looks Incredible
  • More Expensive Than Other Youth Bows

Best Youth Recurve Bow – Buyers Guide

Are you wanting to encourage your child’s interest in archery? Picking the right youth bow is essential. If it’s not suitable for them, they could find it very hard to shoot and this begins to lose motivation in this great sport/hobby.

Youth Recurve Bow

You need to think about things such as the bow not being too hard for them to draw, or it being too heavy to hold. It is possible that they would be able to hold an adult bow, it will probably, however, be too heavy to shoot and this will impact their technique.

Bow Name AMO Length(Inches) Handed Draw Weights(lbs)
Bear Archery 1st Shot L&R 36 8-12
Bear Archery Flash L&R 47 5-18
SAS Spirit Jr R 54 12-22
Kaimei R 48 13-17
Bear Archery Brave Bow Set L&R 54 20

How To Find The Right Recurve Bow For Your Child

The aim of this section is to help teach you what to look for when looking for a new bow for our child.

The Draw Weight

When your child draws the bowstring back, they are holding a certain amount of weight known as the draw weight. In order for an archer to be able to fully draw the bowstring back and hold it whilst they aim, they need to get the correct weight for their strength levels.

If you do get one that is too high, this will cause them to struggle to get the power they need. Over time this could result in it being less fun and make them lose motivation. Luckily it is much easier to find the right draw weight in youth recurve bows, as it normally just goes by their age.

Here is a good guide to follow;

Age Draw Weight
6-8 10-13 lbs
9-13 14-24 lbs
14+ 15+ lbs

It is worth noting though that this is only a guide, body shape and fitness levels would also impact on what they can manage.

Draw Length

Draw length is important as having one that is to not the right size for your child could impact the accuracy, comfort and in time even damage the bow. It’s also important as it is used to work out arrow size and bow size.

Don’t worry though!

When looking into a recurve bow for your child, they are much easier to determine draw length than in adults.

Below is a good guide to follow;

Examples of Average Youth Recurve Bow Measurements

Age Range Smaller Sizes Larger Sizes
6 to 12 54″ 64″
Teen to Adult 64″ 70″

Source: https://esdf.org/discover-archery/equipment/the-recurve-bow-what-you-need-to-know/

The Overall Bow Weight

Generally this shouldn’t be a problem as most youth recurve bows are fairly low in overall weight, however, if your child is 6 then you wouldn’t want to get one that is too heavy. It is still however worth thinking about, they will be holding the bow for some time so you need to make sure it’s not too heavy.


We naturally want to get the best for our little ones, but this does not mean you need to spend a lot of money. In fact, I would really not recommend spending much money, as your child gets older and stronger they will quickly outgrow the bow.

Archery, however, is an excellent hobby when it comes to money, as generally, you don’t need a lot of equipment. Compared to other sports and hobbies, the equipment you do need tends to last longer.

Archery is an incredible sport and hobby for our kids to enjoy, the key is helping to make sure they have the right equipment. I hope this guide above has helped you to learn what to find, as well as what I feel are the best youth recurve bows.

Our Top Pick
In a hurry? This is our Winner!
9.4/10 Our Score

Bear Archery 1st Shot Bow Set

  • Set includes finger rollers, armguard, and arrow quiver
  • Features 8-12 lb. draw weight and 14- to 16-inch draw length range
  • 36-inch long ambidextrous bow features durable composite limbs