Coleman Elite Montana Eight-Person Lighted Tent Review

The Coleman Elite Montana Eight-Person Lighted Tent is a great purchase for families who love to explore but don’t quite like the idea of roughing it in the woods somewhere. This tent perfectly balances the fun of being in the woods with some of the comforts of home. You won’t be left in the dark with this perfect family-style tent, and your kids won’t be crawling into your already cramped tent in the middle of the night because they’re too afraid to sleep alone in theirs.

Coleman Elite Montana Eight-Person Lighted Tent

You’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time – a family camping trip! Outdoor trekking is a passion of yours that you want to share with the family, but with babies, it hasn’t been possible.

The kids are finally old enough to handle the trip, but one of them is reluctant to leave the comforts of home behind. “No one wants to sleep on the ground. Beds are made for a reason!” How do you get the last straggler on board? Show them that camping can be fun with a luxury model tent fortress.

This Coleman Elite Montana Eight-Person Lighted Tent review is written to help you accommodate the outdoor needs of a large family. You can get the whole family excited about the trip by showing them that they won’t be sleeping on the hard ground in the rain.

  • Fits 3 queen air beds
  • Adjustable lighting system
  • Polyguard walls
  • Welded floor and inverted seams
  • Batteries and power cartridges not included

Coleman Elite Montana Eight-Person Lighted Tent – Buyers Guide

Coleman Elite Montana Eight

Who is this product for?

This product is great for families and large groups of friends. It sleeps up to eight people comfortably in the great outdoors, so if you want to have a campfire with your family, that’s possible.

Since it includes lighting, it is also ideal for backyard campers and hikers who don’t have the resources or space to build a large campfire or simply don’t want to have to tend to one all night and remember how to build and damper it safely.

What’s included?

The package includes the Coleman Elite Montana Eight-Person Tent and required accessories. Their included poles are color coded and their patented ring and pin system helps with setup ease. The package includes a rainfly for inclement weather and an expandable carrying bag.

It also includes a CPX6 compatible battery cartridge. The power source runs on 4D batteries or a rechargeable cartridge. Both of these are sold separately and will not be included in the box.

A nice feature is an electric port for hooking up extension cords. The power port also includes a pack that can charge anything that runs off a USB port, so Kindles, cameras, and cellphones are not going to die on your trip. A one-year warranty is also included.

Overview of features

The Coleman Elite line comes with interior LED lighting, self-rolling windows, and a built-in light switch for indoor luxury even in the great outdoors. The light switch has three settings: 100 lumens for a daylight effect, 42 lumens for softer lighting in the darkness, and a 5-lumen nightlight to reassure nervous kids who may be afraid of the dark, especially while sleeping outside. The light runs from 26 to 81 hours depending upon how long it remains on at each setting.

This tent comes with an extended awning so that the gear can be stored away from the elements without taking up space in the family living quarters. The Coleman WeatherTec system provides a patented welded floor to prevent water from seeping into the tent.

All the windows are adjustable, so they can let in light and air without also allowing rain into the tent. Ground ventilation also allows for adjustments to be made to airflow.

One of the nice features of this tent is that it features color-coded poles so that even beginners can set this tent up within 20 minutes. This is a 16 by 7 foot living space with a ceiling height of just over 6 feet at the center.

How to use

The great thing about this tent is that the poles are color coded. This makes it very easy to set up, and you just have to use the black poles to go across the tent. Their instructions are also extremely intuitive, even for inexperienced tent pitchers.

The real stress is how to get a product back into the bag after use. Once unrolled, it can be challenging to get it to fold as small as the manufacturing machines. That said, this is a really great tutorial that shows you exactly how to fold it back.

Sometimes you just need some peace and quiet. We get that. For solo campers who are setting off on their own to reconnect with nature and find their inner mountaineer, this is how your tent will work.


If you trust the Coleman brand and love the tent but don’t quite need all the extra features, then consider their Coleman Montana Tent, instead. The only differences between this Elite line and their standard model are that this tent features self-rolling windows and a built-in light switch with an interior LED light.


This tent is a fantastic option for adventurous families. It provides a lot of modern luxuries while still allowing for the fresh scent of pine trees and the rushing of nearby rivers to reach you. Let the crickets lull you to sleep, and let the birds be your alarm clock in the morning with this great family tent.

In a hurry? This is our Winner!

Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Tent

  • 16 ft. x 7 ft., fits eight people or three queen airbeds, 6 ft. 2 in. height, room to stand and move
  • Sets up in 15 minutes or less
  • LED tent light with 3 settings high, low, nightlight