Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent Review

The Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent comes in four different models depending on how many people will be sleeping among the fresh pines while gazing at the stars and catching lightning bugs for nightlights. Whether you want to venture out alone or bring the whole family, there’s a model for you.

Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent

Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent

Woohoo!! It’s time for ghost stories by the flickering firelight, exploring the wonders found just off the main trail, diving into the crystal clear waters of the lake, and marveling in the beauty of freshly turned leaves in the crisp autumn air. Take a deep breath and leave your worries behind to get in touch with nature.

There’s just one thing you’re not looking forward to: setting up camp and sleeping on the ground, exposed to the elements. It’s time to grab a tent, but which one should you buy?

We have taken the time to test several tents, and chosen the Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent for an in-depth review. We are confident that this is a great choice for campers, whether you’re on a personal quest or a family vacation.

  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Good waterproof rating
  • UV-coated
  • Not for harsh winter conditions

Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent – Buyers Guide

Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent

Who is this product for?

This tent is ideal for anyone looking to leave the smog and pollution of the city behind, as well as trade the honking horns and blinding lights for a view of the stars and a lullaby of cricket chirps and wind rustling through the treetops. This tent has models made to accommodate one to four sleepers, so it works well for individuals, couples, families, and best friends, even if your best friend is your faithful puppy or dog.

What’s included?

Inside the box, you will find a tent that you can set up using the included T6 aluminum cross and ridge pole. You can also protect yourself from the elements with the clip-on rainfly.

It also comes with a carrying bag that has an adjustable strap to keep your tent level while in transport. The bag can also be clipped to the outside of your backpack to make room for other gear inside the bag.

The 150D oxford footprint is also included. Additionally, TETON Sports offers a limited-lifetime warranty for these tents. Their warranty covers the original owner, so make sure you buy this new if you want to take advantage of it. This covers defects in materials or workmanship of the tent but does not extend to normal wear and tear issues, like fabric snags or zippers that get overused.

Overview of features

These tents have micro mesh interiors. This combines with cutaway top vents to offer extreme ventilation. It makes this a great tent for roasting hot summer nights.

Even their clip-on rainfly has passed through ventilation, and the full mesh top allows for a beautiful view from inside the tent for those who want some shelter from the cold but are reluctant to go to bed while there are still stars in the sky. They also have an extra high waterproof bathtub-style floor that keeps the water away from your living space and ensures a dry sleep. This style extends the floor into the walls of this free-standing tent.

The tent features a lot of durability. The oxford footprint protects the tent floor, and all of the seams and anchor points have been reinforced. They use lightweight aluminum instead of carbon, so the poles have a longer lifespan than their counterparts.

How to use

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, here. A lot of campers find it difficult to pitch a tent. Be ready before your trip by watching the Teton tutorials.

If you’ve purchased a multi-sleeper model, then here is how you set up your tent.

Sometimes you just need some peace and quiet. We get that. For solo campers who are setting off on their own to reconnect with nature and find their inner mountaineer, this is how your tent will work.


We know that the ultimate marker of success or many solo backpackers is minimizing weight. If this tent has a bit more weight than you need, check out the Mier Ultralight Tent, which only weighs about five ounces.

For those of you who need a great option that sleeps more than the four-person maximum model, CORE makes a wide range of luxury tents that can sleep anywhere from 3 to 12 people.


We really like this tent. It’s sturdy and extremely easy to set up and take down for repacking.

The Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent can accommodate multiple people depending on which model is purchased and is light enough for a backpacker to haul on their trek. It offers protection against the two worst types of weather campers usually face: rain and heat.

In a hurry? This is our Winner!

TETON Sports Family-Tents

  • ROOM WITH A VIEW: Get away from the city lights and enjoy a full view of the Milky Way
  • EASY TO SET UP: Lightweight tent packs down tight for backpacking hiking and camping
  • PACKS UP EASILY: When it’s time to head home the Mountain Ultra Tent is a quick hasslefree take down